Pallet Recycling

Pallet Problem? DIVERT Removes, Recycles, Repairs and Resupplies your surplus Pallets.

Many businesses have a large imbalance between incoming and outgoing Pallets – These Pallet piles take up important operational, production, storage and car parking space and tend to attract further rubbish and material dumping.

Anyone who has worked with Pallets will be aware of the vast array of sizes, types and materials that Pallets come in as well as how many end up damaged.

The DIVERT Team takes the good with the bad and are happy to hand load if required.

We do not ‘pick and choose’, leaving a mess – We bring a broom and make sure the area is left better than before the Pallets were there!

The DIVERT Team carries Site Safety Passports and will ensure that they stay clear of your operations and follow your site instructions.

When you see the Pallets leave your premises on our Trucks that is just the beginning of their re-use journey. We keep Pallets in circulation (and out of landfill) by sorting, grading, repairing them in our warehouse then resupplying them.

End-of-life timber Pallets are delivered to Reharvest in Papakura for shredding into landscaping mulch.

DIVERT’s Pricing for Pallet Removal and Recycling are:

# Details Price
1 Standard Sized Pallets $3.99+GST per pallet (A Maximum dimension of 1200mm)
2 Undersized/Mini Pallets $2.50+GST per pallet (A maximum dimension of 800mm)
3 Oversized and Heavy Pallets $5.99+GST per pallet (A dimension greater than 1200m or weight exceeding 22kg)
4 Long Pallets $8.99+GST per pallet (A maximum dimension of 2000mm)
5 Even Longer Pallets $12.99+GST per pallet (A maximum dimension of 3000mm)
6 Giant Pallets $4.99+GST per m²
7 Collection and Loading Fee $49.99+GST (Up to 30minutes of travel time)
8 Scrap Wood Removal (Untreated) $39.99+GST per m³
9 Treated Scrap Wood Removal $59.99+GST per m³ (Crates, Plywood, MDF, Timber Framing, Chipboard etc)

Pallets are often not considered a Sustainability issue, but a staggering number of them end up in landfill. Each time a Pallet is removed from circulation, somewhere along the supply chain a Company will be ordering more brand new Pallets constructed from virgin timber or plastic.
To DIVERT Pallets are a resource, not waste.
Let us sort out your Pallet Problem and get you your space back!