Not yet, but DIVERT is a 100% NZ owned and rapidly growing sustainability based SME, so perhaps by 2030!

It sure can! Not by placing it in your curbside bin though. A common misconception is that Polystyrene is not recyclable: Polystyrene is just the ‘Expanded’ form of Grade-6 plastic (‘EPS-6’), which although a lower value plastic it is still sought after as a resource for manufacturing once it has been decontaminated and compacted.

Household Polystyrene lots will need to be declared at the Waitakere Refuse & Recycling Centre (where DIVERT is located) weighbridge and paid for at the weighbridge on your exit. Although your Household Polystyrene will be tipped near the general rubbish, fear not - The WRRC Team will separate it and it will be collected by DIVERT in bulk.
Commercial Customers are welcome to deliver directly to DIVERT.

We use a Danish made compactor that reduces Polystyrene to 3% of its original size. We end up with 1m long blocks, each weighing 20kg. We stack 16x of these on to a pallet, wrap them up, then deliver them by the Tonne to a Recycling Exporter.
They are sent to Greenmax / INTCO Recycling near Shanghai, who then manufacture Picture Frames, Architraves and Skirting Boards from it.

We do, but as with most Recycling Processes, only 1 Material at a time is Processed. This means foreign objects (cardboard, corflute, foam, tape and labels…) must first be removed. Polystyrene from the Construction Industry often has adhesives and even concrete slurry on it - We use a hot wire cutter to remove these.
Additional fees based on the level of contamination will be charged to do this.
Sorry we cannot accept old Spa Pool covers (high water content).

Please do not do this - It becomes very messy to handle and Polystyrene is notoriously ‘wind affected’ - Inevitably some small Polystyrene beads will find their way into the Environment and our Waterways, which is exactly what DIVERT is trying to avoid.

Pallets are often not considered a Sustainability issue but a staggering number of them end up in landfill. Each time a Pallet is removed from circulation, somewhere along the supply chain a Company will be ordering more brand new Pallets constructed from virgin timber or plastic.

Call 0800 2 DIVERT to book a Pallet collection and we will look after it for you. Our Team will remove all of your Pallets - We take the good with the bad and will make sure the area is left tidier than before the pallets were there.
We then sort, repair and resupply the Pallets. End of Life ones are sent for shredding into landscape mulch.

DIVERT also accepts and removes Plastic Pallets too. We sort them into their sizes and types, then resupply them - Exporters often seek Plastic Pallets.
Unfortunately structurally damaged Plastic Pallets cannot be repaired so these do end up in the landfill.

Yes, no problem - The DIVERT Team are happy to hand load on to our trucks if required. As surplus Pallets often tend to be odd sizes with some damaged ones present, we often hand load them even when a forklift is present, to safely and efficiently pack our load.

Definitely! There are many, many sizes and types of Pallets, so finding multiples of the same type can be a challenge. Please let us know what you are after?
We resupply and deliver quality, structurally-sound used Pallets every week.
We also work together with a very large Pallet Yard to fulfill larger orders.