At DIVERT we are ‘Landfill Avoidance Specialists’, who specialise in Pallet and Polystyrene Removal, Recycling + Resupply.

DIVERT operates from the Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Centre and we service the Auckland Region.

DIVERT was founded in 2019 by Dane Faesen Kloet an Ex-Director of Retailer Golf Warehouse and an Architectural Designer. Through these careers he developed a passion for waste minimisation, which made him acutely aware of the lack of accessible diversion options for common bi-products of many businesses.

Both Pallets and Polystyrene present a large ‘volumetric’ problem – They can take up important operational, production, storage, car parking and circulation space on your premises.

Pallets are not often seen as a Sustainability issue, but huge amounts of them end up in the landfill – Once a Pallet is taken out of circulation, somewhere, another business will be ordering more brand new ones constructed from virgin timber or plastic.

Another common misconception is that Polystyrene is not recyclable – Polystyrene is just the ‘Expanded’ form of Grade-6 plastic (‘EPS-6’), which although is a lower value plastic it is sought after as a resource for extrusion based manufacturing.

DIVERT is a Company that understands the urgency required, when you contact us to Remove and Recycle your materials – We offer a professional and reliable service and

carry Public Liability Insurance. The DIVERT Team have Site Safety Passports and work in with the Health + Safety and Operational Requirements of our Customers, including site specific COVID-19 protocols.

The DIVERT Team often assists our Customers with DIVERTing other surplus materials they have such as Waste Wood, Crates, Metals, Cardboard and LDPE wrap, using our Trucks to deliver them to the appropriate Recyclers.

DIVERT also offers a ‘Sell on Behalf’ service for both Plant and Equipment, as well as Surplus and/or Obsolete Stock. We have a very wide Network of Business across many Industries and operate on a ‘no sale, no fee’ basis.

DIVERT is dedicated to treating your waste materials as a Resource.

If you have a Pallet or Polystyrene Problem – Please give us a call! 0800 2 DIVERT