Have you ever wondered what the hell those Stamps on the side of Pallets mean!?

Well, they tell a story of Globalisation and a Connected World…

   – The IPPC logo is the ‘International Plant Protection Convention’ 

       a standard for wood packaging in international business 

   – The Country of Origin / Manufacture. NZ, AU, MX = Mexico, 

      CN = China, PL = Poland etc

   – The Treatment Classification (if any)

      DB = DeBarked

      HT = Heat Treated

      MB = Methyl Bromide  (A Pesticide banned in Europe and 

     Japan but still used in NZ, even at the Port of Tauranga to   

     fumigate Logs)

   – The Manufacturers Company stamp and Code

The good news is that 99.9% of Pallet Wood that we come across in NZ has no chemical treatment present. 

We still learn new Country Codes each week – Even last week, after 1.5years of believing that ‘AE’ was Argentina, we found out that it is actually ‘Arab Emirates’…unbelievable but true!